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Our team of recruiting experts will work beside your team to provide the perfect match


Hire top talents in 7 days

Experience the efficiency and transparency of Workoast’s talent acquisition process, designed to connect you with the best IT professionals from Latin America within a week. Here’s a breakdown of our streamlined approach that guarantees access to the finest tech talent for your project:


Flexible ways we can work together

At Workoast, our talent selection process can be customized to meet the specific demands of your project or the needs of your organization.

Staff Augmentation

Our talents in your team


Software Outsourcing

Managed teams ready to fulfill your business requirements

Dedicated Teams

Our teams built to suite your organization

Thousands of expert engineers at your disposal

Senior team members with over 10 years of experience

Timezone-aligned for seamless collaboration

Software Developers
Business Analysts
Data Scientists
Project Managers
UX/UI Designers

What stacks do we recruit for?

Workoast continuously seeks new talent proficient in Agile project methodologies, enabling close collaboration with you and your internal teams. This approach keeps all parties informed, facilitates adjustments based on your feedback and ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our extensive network includes software developers, business analysts, data scientists, AI and ML engineers, UX and UI designers and project managers.

How we hire only the top 1%

Workoast’s stringent selection processes combine the experience of our senior recruiters with the power of artificial intelligence to hire and retain high-performing talent. These methods enable us to offer your organization the top 1% in the industry. 


Communication & Culture fit

In our process, we verify communication skills, English language proficiency, and cultural alignment


Technical Expertise

We rigorously assess candidates’ technical skills through comprehensive tests and interviews. Our team of experts specializes in each stack or skill set



We offer Workoasters! This is our term for the most skilled and motivated individuals, ready to bring the energy and expertise your company requires

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